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The Good, the Bad, and the Diapers
It’s been forever but I had to write about this.

Okay so! Before I had my son, I weighed around 140-150. After having him, I weighed 210 and I was stuck there for a looong time. After eating better and being more active, I dropped down to 185.

Now I’m back to 200 xD. Usually I wouldn’t be in a good mood about this. But Im happy because I think I’ve FINALLY found the key to making “working out” work for me.

I’m lazy. Im the first one to admit that. When it comes to working out, I find an excuse for everything because I hate all the feelings. I hate having sore muscles, I hate the aches, I hate that feeling in my chest, the blood rushing to make my cheeks red, the sweating. I hate everything. So I dont do it lol.

But now, my son is two and a half, at the little mocking bird stage. He copies everything I do. I decided to try working out again, really not dedicated because I never am, but Damien kept coming in the room and doing what I was doing, so I made a game out of it. I thought it was so cute.

He likes to watch me jump rope, for whatever reason. Maybe because I look hilarious doing it. This morning, I was laying on the couch like a lump. He randomly comes up to me and says, “Mama. Jump rope!”

Of course I didnt feel like it. I barely felt like being awake. But I thought about it for a minute and decided to go ahead and start. He’s like a little personal trainer.

Now, cardio is still my least favorite thing about working out. I like yoga and stretches. I saw a thing on tv forever ago about baby yoga, so I decided to make it a game.

We arent doing it right and I know that, because the only way I know the poses I do is from the wii fit lol. I was so into it that I unlocked em all. But it’s the point that Im not just laying on the couch anymore. To me, being more active is the only way I can stick to “exercising,” make it feel like Im playing with my son rather than working out.

So we did that. We did some jumping jacks. He stretched with me. We do the airplane and I hold him up with my feet and he counts with me, so he’s learning, too.

I was trying to do push ups.. girl push ups.. because I am lazy. Lol. He took it as an opportunity to hop on my back and make me crawl around and play horsey. When I try to be lazy and half ass things, my son plays with me and makes me work harder while just having fun.

I love it. Dont get me wrong, I still hate feeling winded and weak. But it makes me smile that he helps me without even knowing, and for the first time in my life, being active is fun.

My moral here.. is. If you’re like me, and hate working out.. use your kid lol. They say just play with your child, yada yada. But that didnt have me active enough. Actually including him in my “work outs” is the trick that I’ve found. Your toddler will love copying you and he/she will make you push yourself further, without making you feel like you’re even doing so. Hopefully it will help me lose weight again.. but if not, atleast I am being more active and he’s having one hell of a good time :)

Good site for pokemon trading buddiesss?

I have Pokemon Y and my pokemon just got pokerus. Id like to trade with someone for a shiny or any other good pokemon, but i havent actually seen any (except zapdos) to be able to request them in return in GTS. My brother said there are sites where you can exchange friend codes to get/give specific pokemon. Any suggestions? Or hey, if anyone reading this wants to trade something nice and get the pokerus virus, send me a message. Im not asking for anything nuts. Tbh I’d really just like some shinies or something. Suggestions?

I hate feeling depressed again.

My grandpa passed away and then my baby daddy passed not even a month later. I cant go to school this semester. I have no job. Im not allowed to use the car, or go out with friends. When I try, I get called to come back home two hours later.

Everything sucks. I feel like my life is pointless. I just sit on the couch. My doctor is making me go see a grief counselor, but I honestly dont see how that will help me when every aspect of my life is fucked up.

I really feel like I need someone to latch myself on to. Like I need someone to hold me and listen to me bitch and have fun with to get my mind off of everything. But I dont have that either.


Okay, so Damien was sick about a week ago and I let him sleep in bed with me. Since then, he refuses to sleep in his crib.. He’s never slept/wanted to sleep with me since he was born, and I’m not gonna go into the reasons why I don’t approve of co-sleeping because I don’t feel like hearing a bunch of people just try to argue with me, but I really want him to go back to sleeping in his own room.

I’ve tried to let him fuss, but he will not stop crying to the point where he’s sweaty and choking. I don’t believe in the “cry it out” method when it gets to that extent. I have a twin sized bed, sleeping with him literally kills my back, and having no time in the day (and now, no time at night) has been making me fall behind with my work for college.

Tonight, he wouldn’t sleep again, so I put him in the bed in his room and laid with him until he fell asleep, then I snuck out. It’s his first night sleeping in a bed alone instead of a crib. But does anyone have any advice on how to get him to revert to going to sleep without me again? And also, how to get him to stay in a bed/toddler bed at bedtime instead of just getting out whenever he wants? I really need some tips, him wanting me to sleep with him is not good for either of us :[